Skincare Treatment Packages

Our skincare treatment packages are designed to target the complexion, using IPL, facials, chemical peels and more to allow for smooth, glowing skin!

Texture & Pigmentation

Full price: $2405 plus tax
Package deal: $2145 plus tax

This texture and pigment plan helps reduce pigmentation and smooth-out skin affected by wrinkles or scars for a more even complexion.

  • Who It's For

    Anyone suffering from hyperpigmentation, brown spots, red acne scars, indented acne scars, wrinkles and discolouration associated with aging, sun damage or an uneven texture.

  • What's Included
    • 3 x Microneedling Full Face and Neck Treatments
    • 3 x IPL Full Face and Neck Treatments
    • 3 x Chemical Peels
  • Add Ons

    “Make it deluxe”: Add 1 syringe of Radiesse* wash at a discounted price ($650) – Collagen AND elastin get stimulated for an extra boost and the cannula technique uses subcision which is great for stubborn acne scarring, cheek wrinkles and perioral wrinkles
    *Radiesse can NOT be used for under eyes, lips, forehead or frown lines.

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Acne Boot Camp

Full price: $5860 plus tax
Package deal: $5480 plus tax

This acne regimen helps to reduce recurring, severe acne and lift excess pigment in the skin as a result of acne scarring.

  • Who It's For

    For severe acne patients only. Those who are suffering from Grade 3 or 4 acne, cystic, nodular, or painful acne.

  • What's Included
    • 3 x Avi Clear Laser Treatments
    • 3 x Chemical Peel Treatments
    • 3 x Fractora
    • Skin Care: 1 x AlumierMD Acne Kit
  • Add Ons

    Add $1000 to exchange Fractora for Morpheus8
    10% off all retail for 1 year

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Redness Reducer / Mild Acne

Full price: $1480 plus tax
Package deal: $1140 plus tax

This package is tailored towards those with rosacea or red skin. Those with inflammatory, acne-prone skin as well as facial veins, general redness and white pustules can benefit too.

  • Who It's For

    For those who have rosacea, red skin, flushing skin, facial veins (telegtasica) and small pustular acne, such as whiteheads.

  • What's Included
    • 3 x Chemical peels or facials
    • 3 x IPL Treatments
    • 1 month of Blue / Red LED sessions
    • Skin Care: 1 x AlumierMD Acne Kit or Calming Collection
  • Add Ons

    Add neck and decelotte for chemical peels and IPL for $600
    10% off 3 or more retail items

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Skin Tightening

Full price: $4440 plus tax
Package deal: $3560 plus tax

Our Skin Tightening Package can help to reduce skin sagging. It can also provide a boost in the skin's deep collagen production to help create firm and youthful-looking appearance.

  • Who It's For

    Anyone aged 30 + looking to slow down sagging, stimulate collagen production and tone and tighten their face and neck.

  • What's Included
    • 3 x Morpheus8 face and neck treatments
    • 3 x Diamond Glow Facials
    • 6 x Forma face and neck Skin Tightening treatments
    • Skin Care: Retinol, SPF, Vitamin C -- AluminEYE
  • Add Ons

    “Make it Deluxe” Option for $650 extra with Radiesse wash
    10% off all retail items for 1 year

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