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The ClaraDerma+ team has a passion for helping patients achieve their skincare goals in an environment that is supportive, professional, and non-judgmental. If you are a dynamic skincare professional interested in joining our St. Catharines team, we'd love to hear from you.

Why Work with ClaraDerma+

At ClaraDerma+, we believe in creating a workplace that not only provides outstanding customer service to our clients but that also provides staff with a sense of well-being and belonging.

Our tight-knit team goes above and beyond to support each other's goals and ambitions both inside and outside of the clinic, and takes the time to share in those little day-to-day tasks that make all the difference.

We love what we do and take pride in providing personalized skincare using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, with empathy and without judgment.

Do you have the skills that we look for in new team members? Below are some of the key competencies we believe are of the utmost importance.

  • Clinical Skills

    The self-management skills that we look for in new team members include:

    Excellent Time Management

    • Executing a safe and timely treatment to respect our clients time
    • Ensuring inventory of rooms is up to date to always be prepared
    • Arriving 15min early to be ready for your first client


    • Short range (ie: room planning)
    • Preparing for future goals
    • Monthly staff meetings and planning
    • Long range planning
    • Foresight


    • Strong interpersonal communication skills among staff and clients
    • Competent on social media and creating promotional content
    • Staying current on latest trends, treatments and services
    • Able to communicate clear pre and post-care instructions to clients

    Intention Invested

    • Loving what you do, not just a paycheque
    • Ensuring that everyone has what they need to perform at their best


    • Able to prioritize effectively
    • Cope well with multitasking
    • Strong grasp of inventory management

  • Cooperation & Soft Skills

    It can be difficult to quantify the soft skills that we feel makes a staff member a valuable part of our team, but some of the things we look for include:

    Passion For Their Work

    • Love what they do for a living
    • Take pride in helping others achieve their goals - clients and coworkers
    • Contagious personality - great to be around
    • Solution focused - 'can do attitude'
    • Considerate of others 
    • Happy to do 'little things' around the office such as change the TP roll or help switch over a treatment room

    Supportive of Co-Workers

    • Cheerleader for others
    • Someone who can be relied upon inside and outside of the clinic
    • Looking out for others - 'I've got your back'
  • Client Focused Skills

    Our goal is to make every client feel special when they visit ClaraDerma+. To achieve this goal team members must possess the following service related skills and experience:


    • Show empathy and share their personal skin care story when appropriate
    • Experienced with all treatments
    • Ability to meet people where they are at - moving at a pace the client is comfortable with
    • All to meet the needs of a diverse range of personalities, ages, shapes and sizes


    • Welcoming towards all visitors to our facility
    • Warm and open
    • Acknowledge people when you encounter them
    • Make eye contact with people, smile and engage with clients
    • Be inclusive
    • Connect with clients
    • Express genuine compliments


    • Being proud to go above and beyond
    • Keen attention to detail
    • Following up with clients and co-workers
    • Clear personal notes in the client chart
    • Providing well-considered personalized treatment plans
    • Attention to detail during prep
    • Taking the time to manage client expectations before and after procedures

    Educate Clients

    • Provide 'full picture' and treatment options to help clients achieve their skincare goals
    • Discuss safety around procedures, expectations and pre/post care risk management
    • Reflect confidence
    • Project confidence - transparency and integrity
    • Relieve client anxiety - walk through process, answer questions

  • Technical Skills & Client Care

    Our professionals have the technical and interpersonal skills they need to provide their clients with the skincare services they want with competence and confidence.


    • Professional certification
    • Excellent record keeping
    • Tracking and collecting consent forms
    • Recording allergies
    • Firm understanding of the correct and most effective order of treatments
    • Ability to manage complications professionally including reporting issues and collaborating with the medical director

    Practical & Theoretical Knowledge

    • Committed to ongoing education in the field
    • Knowing tools
    • Excellent product knowledge
    • Following latest research on treatments and services

    Customer Service

    • Excellent 'bedside manner'
    • Manage client expectations
    • Always approach a client with empathy
    • Show passion and enthusiasm for the services we offer
    • Respect client time, budget and procedure level intensity
    • Chat comfortably with clients


    • Believe in the value of the services we provide
    • Portray self confidence
    • Happy and enjoy what you do
    • Passionate about skincare and helping others

We'd love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below, tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to join the Claraderma+ team.

  • Staff was kind, welcoming, knowledgeable and made you feel at home! Had my lashes lifted and tinted by Sarah and she did an amazing job. Would highly recommend any of the girls there! The location is super easy to find and the rooms were kept nice and clean!!
    - Ekaterina P.

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