Aesthetic Injector Training

Our experienced team at Claraderma+ offers ongoing training and support to help you on your Medical Aesthetic Injector journey.

Support For Aesthetic Injectors

Training is an integral part of medical aesthetics and something that will be a lifelong endeavour. After new nurse injectors finish their basic 2-day course, there is often nothing else to support them on their injection journey, and yet so much more to learn. If you need help putting what you've learned into practice in a safe supportive way, training at ClaraDerma+ is ideal.

Training Day Options

  • Shadowing Days

    Shadowing shifts offer injectors the opportunity to spend a day with our Nurse Practitioner Olenka and her team and be their shadow.

    This includes seeing: patient injections, consultations, and the opportunity to ask questions and hear Olenka talk through each patient procedure. Although there is no injecting for the trainee on this day, having the opportunity to see new faces and patterns of injections, hear why injections are placed (or not placed) in certain areas, discuss product choice and placement, and of course ask questions, makes a world of difference.

    In addition, Olenka will share 2 week follow up notes (including anything that needs a touch-up) from the shadowing day with trainees for added continuity.

    Shadowing Day Fees

    1 Shadow Day: $500.00 CDN

    2 Shadow Days: $800.00 CDN

    3 Shadow Days: $1,300.00 CDN

  • Injection Days

    Aesthetic injections have the ability to transform a patient's life. But, for the injector, there is so much to consider, including safety above all else.

    Olenka's goal with all her injection students is to provide a safe and supportive space for growth based on real-world faces and patient scenarios. This includes a 2-week follow up for all neurotoxin and filler patients.

    Training is based on each individual's facial anatomy and includes a review of product choice and placement for the ideal outcome.

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Injection Day Options

Injection Days at ClaraDerma+

ClaraDerma+ is located in the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario and is the perfect place for injection training. Sundays are the preferred injection day, however, if another day is needed, we are flexible to work within your schedule.

Trainees are supported in facial assessment and injection of patients. Anatomy is reviewed along with new and old injection techniques, trends and most importantly why techniques are used based on the unique patient anatomy and desired results.

Patients must be provided by the injector and travel to ClaraDerma+. As all clinic products and supplies will be provided, we are happy to extend a deeply discounted rate on model products/services as noted below. Filler is priced per area to ensure a noticeable result that is natural and will last. Payment by models will be made after treatment with our receptionist.

Please ensure the following mix of patients:
  • 2 - 5 Botox patients (glabella, forehead, crows feet, full face, chin, DAO, masseter)
  • 2 - 3 Filler patients (lips, cheeks, smile lines, jawline, chin, lower face)

Injection Days at the Trainee Clinic

Our Nurse Practitioner, Olenka is happy to travel to your clinic and provide training to a maximum of 3 nurse injectors.

These aesthetic injections are able to transform a patient's life, but all aspects of the patient need to be considered including injection location and techniques.

In order to ensure the proper care of all participants, trainees and patients alike, all public health measures and safety protocols must be in place.

No hotel or residential space (unless set up as a business) will be accepted.

Trainees are responsible for providing their own patients, products (neurotoxin and filler) and having hyaluronidase on hand. Unless otherwise discussed and planned with Olenka.

For the best experience in guided patient injections, please ensure the following mix:

  • 2 - 5 Botox patients (glabella, forehead, crows feet, full face, chin, DAO, masseter)
  • 2 - 3 Filler patients (lips, cheeks, smile lines, jawline, chin, lower face)

Injection Day Fees at ClaraDerma+

Training Day Fee


  • Patient Fee - Neurotoxin

    $7.00 / unit

  • Patient Fees - Filler
    • Midface rejuvenation (lateral/mid cheek, temples, under eyes): $1,500.00
    • Smile line softener (lateral/mid cheek, nasolabial folds): $1,200.00
    • Snatched Jawline (gonial angle, mandible, chin): $1,500.00
    • 8-point lift (temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin, jowls, jawline): $2,300.00
    • Lips - Half syringe: $250.00, Full syringe: $400.00

Injection Day Fees at Trainee Clinic

Within Niagara & GTA


Within Ontario


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