Belkyra injections at our St. Catharines clinic offer non-surgical dissolving of stubborn chin fat.

What Is Belkyra?

Belkyra is an injectable medication of Deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring chemical that can be found in the body. The chemical breaks down fat cells by disrupting the cell membranes, which releases the content of the cell. The contents of the fat cell are then broken down as waste by the body.

Small Belkyra injections are focused into the subcutaneous fat compartment, just under the skin. Originally used for the area under the chin, known as the 'double chin', we can use it in so many more areas! Often, these problem areas are resistant to exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. All prices include 3 treatments, one month apart and you’ll notice a significant difference including a slimmer appearance and more contoured shape. Once the fat has been dissolved, it is a permanent result.


effective in 1-2 treatments

permanent results

Service Pros

natural occurring chemical

numbing option

What To Expect

When you come to your appointment, the nurse will begin by marking the injection sites of the area being treated. The number of injections during one single treatment can range from 20-50, depending on the size of the area. A topical numbing agent will be applied for comfort. Following the pre-drawn markings, you will receive the required injections. A slight stinging sensation may be felt as the medication is injected.

After the treatment, ice will be applied, and swelling in the area is normal. Some bruising may occur at the injection sites. It is common for swelling to last from 7-14 days post-treatment. Some patients have described also feeling ‘full’ in the treated area for up to a month as the body processes the treated fat. It is also normal to feel a tingling or burning sensation immediately after the treatment. This will dissipate by the evening.

Some side effects experienced by patients who underwent Belykra treatments include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Redness
  • Areas of hardness

All prices include 3 sessions, which is usually sufficient for most patients. For those with a higher level of correction, you may need up to 6 treatments. The treatments are recommended to be spaced out on a monthly basis, giving your body the time to break down and process the fat as waste, and allowing you time to see the fullest results after every treatment. 

Treatment Length

 90 Minutes

Recovery Time

 2-14 Days

Treatment Cost

Double Chin - $1000.
For other treatments see below.

Available Treatments

Bra Bulge

Front Bra Bulge - $650 for 3 sessions
Back Bra Bulge - $850 for 3 sessions

The Treatment

Do you ever notice that little muffin top/side boob coming out of your bra and tank top ?!? Or the tiny rolls just under your bra strap at the back ?! The dreaded 'Bra Bulge' is not something you can easily exercise away! You might be the perfect candidate for fat dissolver dissolving deoxycholic acid (Belkyra) treatment.  3 sessions, 1 month apart to permanently dissolve those little rolls, just in time for summer!

Love Handles

Side OR Back - $1200 for 3 sessions
Side AND Back - $2000 for 3 sessions

The Treatment

Can't handle the love your sides are giving you ?! Sometimes those love handles just need a slim down, despite our exercising and eating right. 3 sessions of fat-dissolving treatment will have you running your hand along that hourglass figure. 

Please note that 1 area is roughly the size of your hand and can be used for your side love handles or back love handles. Both side and back love handles can also be done at an additional cost.

Yummy Tummy

Tummy Pouch - $850 for 3 sessions

The Treatment

Your bodies are marvelous machines but sometimes they store fat in odd places. The tummy pouch is one of those little areas! We can work out all we want and have killer abs and still have a small area of superficial fat that just won't go away! Our fat dissolver to the rescue! 3 sessions to help you get rid of that last little bit of pesky tummy fat. 

Please note that 1 area is roughly the size of your hand.

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