Target acne scarring and deep wrinkles while tightening loose skin with this intense resurfacing treatment. Come to our St. Catharines, Niagara clinic for Fractora treatments. 

What is Skin Resurfacing & Scar Revision?

Fractora treatments are a safe and effective method of treating problem skin and skin resurfacing. For these treatments, we use the non-invasive, radio-frequency technique by InModeMD. 

For these treatments, we use a subdermal tissue radio frequency micro-needling, which emits an array of high-precision columns. These pinpoint channels create small columns of tissue coagulation in the skin, which rids the skin of dead cells. Stripping the skin of these cells kickstarts the body’s healing process, stimulating collagen production and resulting in healthier, more even skin.


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What To Expect

During your consultation with the laser technician, they will help you come up with a full treatment plan. In some cases, only one treatment may address all of your concerns.

Your treatment appointment will begin with a mandatory numbing agent being applied. This numbing agent is applied 30 minutes prior to the start of your laser treatment. 

All Fractora treatments include topical Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in which blood is taken from your arm and spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma can be used to stimulate activity, increase healing time and promote collagen synthesis.

A Fractora treatment works to penetrate deep into the skin to hit treatment zones without causing any lasting damage or harm to the top layer of the skin.

As a result, these treatments heal at a much faster rate than ablative treatment options and result in much less downtime.

It also provides a much higher level of comfort during the treatment, offering little to no pain during the procedure.

After the treatment, you may experience 3-4 days of mild redness or swelling as the skin heals. You may immediately feel lingering heat, which can be remedied by applying a cold compress or ice to the skin.

During the healing process, it’s important to wear sunscreen and moisturizer. This is also important for protecting your skin from any further signs of aging once the newly rejuvenated skin has healed completely.

You will be given a post-treatment kit containing gentle cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer that's included in your treatment price. This protects your skin following treatment. 

Depending on your skin’s needs, some patients may require a series of 1-3 treatments.

Treatment Length

 60 Minutes

Recovery Time

 3-4 Days

Treatment Cost


*Treatment packages are non-transferrable between patients and cannot be combined with any other offer*

Available Treatments

ClaraDerma+ offers 3 treatment packages as the optimal way to improve your skin laxity, acne scarring, wrinkles and overall texture and tone. 

Stretch Marks & Scar Revision

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1 area: $555/session or $1515 for 3 sessions

2 areas: $755/session or $2115 for 3 sessions

3 areas: $950/session or $2715 for 3 sessions

Fractora Face 

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Face: $440/session or $1245 for 3 sessions

Face & Neck: $540/session or $1545 for 3 sessions    Book Face & Neck 

Face, Neck & Chest: $640/session or $1845 for 3 sessions    Book Face, Neck & Chest 

Fractora Body

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1 area: $555/session or $1515 for 3 sessions

2 areas: $755/session or $2115 for 3 sessions

3 areas: $950/session or $2715 for 3 sessions

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Before & After Fractora Treatment

Please note individual results may vary.

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