Cryotherapy treatments at ClaraDerma+ involve quick freezing of skin tags, moles and benign lesions.

What is Cryotherapy?

Although most skin lesions are harmless, having them may leave you feeling self-conscious and keen to improve this aspect of your appearance. You may also find lesions such as skin tags or warts irritating or even painful because of their position.

Many people believe that they can remove skin lesions at home, but this can be painful, dangerous and leave unsightly scarring. Skin tag and wart removal with cryotherapy at the hands of a skilled medical professional is simple, easy and associated with fewer risks than any other method of removal, including surgical incisions.

Cryotherapy is a very common cold therapy treatment that uses liquid nitrogen to treat benign tissue issues such as warts and skin tags. During the process, the skin lesion is frozen for a few seconds, which separates the skin and causes the lesion to naturally fall off. Research also shows that cryotherapy can stimulate your immune system and boost the health of your surrounding skin cells.


removes skin lesions


quick and non-invasive

Service Pros

stimulates immune system

minimal discomfort

little to no down time

What To Expect

During your cryotherapy treatment, we will apply liquid nitrogen to your skin tag using a special spray gun. You may feel a few seconds of discomfort but not enough to require a local anaesthetic.

The frozen skin of the lesion will turn white before taking one to two minutes to thaw to normal skin temperature. Depending on the size and thickness of the lesion, we may need to repeat the process once your skin has thawed out.

Over the next few days following your cryotherapy treatment, a scab will form over your skin lesion. This will typically take between one to two weeks to fall off, but it can take longer if the lesion is on your leg. All being well, the lesion will have gone and your skin will look normal. However, sometimes people do need a second treatment or even follow-up treatments at regular intervals.

During your initial consultation and following your treatment, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what to expect in your individual case. You may resume your regular activities almost immediately.

Treatment Length

 15-45 Minutes

Recovery Time


Treatment Cost

$160 for 1-6 lesions   Book Now
$330 for 7-20 lesions   Book Now
$560 for unlimited lesions   Book Now

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