IPL Therapy/Q-Switch Laser

At our St. Catharines clinic, we can use IPL Therapy/Q-Switch laser technology and ND:YAG lasers treatments to target brown spots, melasma, redness, rosacea, facial veins and uneven discolouration of the skin. 

Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

This treatment targets brown spots, redness/rosacea, facial veins, and uneven discolouration of the skin. An added bonus of the treatment is collagen stimulation to help fine lines and improve pore size. The damage to your skin can come in many forms. The most common form is dark spots, which are flat spots on the skin that appear like overly large freckles. They can be brown, greyish brown, or black spots on the skin. The damage from the sun can also appear in the form of thinning skin, broken capillaries, wrinkles, brown pigmentation, and lack of skin elasticity. ClaraDerma also utilizes Q-Switched and ND:YAG 1064 technologies to safely and effectively target and treat Melasma or stubborn age spots that need a faster, deeper laser technology. 

IPL therapy is also used as a successful treatment for patients with rosacea. Rosacea IPL treatments work to help push the blood in the face away from the skin and coagulate spider veins, reducing the effects of rosacea. Patients with rosacea require 6 treatments per year to achieve optimal results. Learn More ›


fine lines & texture

discolouration & redness

collagen stimulation

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typically little downtime

What To Expect

To combat discolouration or hyper-pigmentation, we use a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Q-Switch and ND:YAG lasers depending on the type of pigmentation each patient presents.  These laser sources will break up the melanin and causes age spot removal. The light can also target blood vessels that cause broken capillaries on the face.

The skin repairs the damage, encouraging healthier skin, a more even skin tone, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

The treatment for sun damage will vary case to case. Mild cases may need one treatment with very little downtime. Cases with more severe sun damage may need a more comprehensive treatment plan with multiple sessions, and more significant downtime. Typical "Coffee grinding" of the brown spots can take 7-10 days to slough off. Patients can wear make-up during this time and may not be noticeable depending on the severity of starting condition. Mild swelling and redness can last up to 48 hours in more severe cases.

This will all be determined and explained by our on-site medical aestheticians. In general, we recommend 1-6 treatments to see the best results.

Treatment Length

 20-45 Minutes

Recovery Time

 14-30 Days

Treatment Cost

Starting at $125 (Small Spots)

$195 (Partial Face)
$235 (Full Face)

Available Treatments

Full Face

$235 each

3 for $625

6 for $1240

10 for $2100 (includes 3 chemical peels & Retinol Serum. Melasma only)

Full Face & Neck

$255 each

3 for $665

6 for $1330

10 for $2300 (includes 3 chemical peels & Retinol Serum. Melasma only)

Partial Face

$195 each

3 for $530

6 for $1055

10 for $1500 (includes 3 chemical peels & Retinol Serum. Melasma only)

Spot Treatment

$125 each (up to 6 spots)

3 for $350

6 for $700

10 for $1000 (includes 3 spot chemical peels & Retinol Serum. Melasma only)


$185 each

3 for $475

6 for $995

Full Face, Neck & Chest

$280 each

3 for $715

6 for $1430

Hands                       $55 each

Full Arm                   $195 each

Upper Back           $255 each

Full Back                $355 each

Stomach                 $255 each

Full Leg                   $355 each

Leg Vein Treatment         $135 each
(45 min appointment)

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