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With Scrotox Treatments at our St. Catharines clinic, you can reduce the appearance of scrotal wrinkles and reduce testicular sweating. 

Scrotox Treatment | ClaraDerma+

What is Scrotox?

Scrotox is a procedure using Botox in the scrotal area to smooth out the appearance of the testicles and reduce sweating in that area. It can be used cosmetically to reduce the appearance of scrotal wrinkles and relax the testicles so that they hang slightly lower and appear bigger. 

Medically, Scrotox reduces or eliminates scrotal sweating and relaxes tension from a tight cremaster muscle, increasing overall comfort.


increases smoothness of testicles

gives the appearance of larger and more relaxed testicles

reduces testicular sweating 

may increase sexual pleasure 

Service Pros

Botox is the #1 recognized brand

professional and discrete

comfort, with little to no down time

results last 4-6 months

What To Expect

Before your appointment, our aesthetic nurse specialist will review the procedure and ensure all questions have been answered. 

The injection site will be cleansed and a numbing agent applied for comfort. The procedure involves small injections of the scrotal area, similar to the pinch of a bug bite.

The actual injections take less than five minutes. The area may have some tenderness and small bruising is always possible, although not often noted. 

After your treatment, it is important to be upright or sitting for 4 hours. Otherwise, you may resume normal activity. You may have some tenderness to the area being treated however this should improve quickly.

Treatment results take up to 2 weeks to be fully noticed. During that time, the scrotal area will smooth out, slightly descend, and sweating will be reduced or eliminated.

Treatment results last approximately for 4 to 6 months.

It is not known whether the treatment of the scrotal area with Botox can impact fertility, and therefore caution is advised if you are trying to conceive. Similarly, Scrotox should not be used as a form of birth control.

Treatment Length

 30 Minutes

Recovery Time

 Immediate to 20 minutes

Treatment Cost

$550 per session

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