Redness Reducer / Mild Acne

Redness Reducer / Mild Acne

This package is tailored towards patients of ClaraDerma+ with rosacea, diffused red skin or non-severe inflammatory acne-prone skin as well as facial veins, general redness and white pustules.

Who It's For:

For those who have rosacea, red skin, flushing skin, facial veins (telegtasica) and small pustular acne such as whiteheads.

Additional Package Benefit:

  • 10% off all retail for 1 year*  *Redeem at clinic

Package Add-On:

  • Neck and decelotte for chemical peels and IPL

What's Included:

  • 3 x chemical peels/or facials
  • 1 month of Blue/Red LED sessions
  • Skin Care: 1 x AlumierMD Acne Kit or Calming Collection
  • 3 x IPL

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Redness / Mild Acne Package




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