Olenka Lyle

Nurse Practitioner | Medical Director

Olenka is ClaraDerma's medical director, nurse practitioner and aesthetic injector extraordinaire. Double board certified with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the College of Nurses of Ontario, Olenka is also a member of the Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario. A graduate of both Queens and Western University, Olenka has a background in health promotion and  is a vocal advocate of preventative medicine and skin care (sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!).

Olenka has always had a passion for helping others and was drawn to nursing as it is a profession built on caring that mixes the art of treating the human condition as much as the science behind medical care. Olenka’s first priority for every patient is to listen to their concerns, understand how they feel, and discuss a plan of care. She is committed to providing a solution that doesn’t push any agenda, or focus on selling products, but simply to provide patients with effective solutions to address their skincare concerns.

As a child, Olenka was teased about her body hair and as a young adult, she experienced horrible acne. It was the dismissal of other health care providers to address her acne and her desire to remove unwanted hair that really pushed Olenka to research her own solutions to these problems. Olenka absolutely loves the freedom from shaving that laser hair removal provides and using effective skincare products with medical ingredients along with skin peels and microdermabrasion has helped her skin clear. Additionally, Olenka has had BOTOX as a preventative measure for wrinkles and as a treatment for migraines, as well as filler in her cheeks for contour and in her lips for natural enhancement. Her goal for herself, and for her patients, is to ensure a natural look.

As ClaraDerma's medical director, Olenka is committed to patient safety through evidence-informed care and to support all staff. Through continued education and training, Olenka can ensure the most up-to-date, safe and effective treatments are offered at ClaraDerma. 

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