Krista Cullen

Medical Aesthetic Nurse

Krista blends her passion for learning and her love of helping others into a fulfilling career. As a Registered Practical Nurse and certified Nurse Injector, she's all about providing care that’s not only precise but truly genuine and judgment-free.

With an eye for beauty in every form, Krista believes in bringing out the best in you, focusing on both your inner and outer well-being. Her holistic approach is about more than just looking good—it's about feeling a deep sense of harmony within.

Education is at the heart of everything Krista does. She's always expanding her knowledge, especially in injectables, to ensure you get the safest, most natural-looking results. Krista’s mission? To make sure you leave feeling confident and informed about your choices.

Krista knows that knowledge is power. She encourages questions and loves to share all you need to know about your treatment options. Her goal is to help you feel confident and fully understand your journey toward rejuvenation.

Krista's not just about botox and fillers; she's a strong advocate for great skincare, emphasizing the importance of daily SPF to protect and enhance your skin. Inspired by her own path to self-acceptance, Krista wants to be your supportive guide towards finding self-love and confidence.

Her professional credentials are solid, with active memberships in the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario. Krista’s commitment to excellence shines through her participation in conferences, trainings, and her educational efforts on social media.

Join Krista in exploring your path to feeling and looking your best. She's here to support, inform, and guide you every step of the way.

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