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Microneedle Eye Patches
Kai Derm

Micro-Dissolving Patches for a Smooth and Rejuvenated Eye Area!

The delicate eye area is gently rejuvenated, and dark circles and bags under the eyes are reduced overnight, with a patented combination of highly effective active ingredients delivered
deep into the skin using an innovative microstructure technology. World’s First Transdermal Skincare Delivery Technology! Each patch contains 900 self-dissolving micro-cones with 17mg of active ingredients that penetrate the top layer of the skin and work to rebuild the skin from the inside out. Actives slowly absorb into the skin over up to 7 days, working to recover its elasticity and to plump the skin without any downtime or irritation.

Targets the appearance of under-eye dark circles, crepey skin, fine lines and puffiness.
With a size of 5.4 cm x 2.2 cm, the patches ideally adapt to the eye area. Price is for a box of 4 patches. 8 patches total, 4 applications. 
Active Ingredients
Cross-linked hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, niacinamide and caffeine.
Clinical Study on Kai DERM EYE PATCH
Significant improvements after just two weeks of using the Kai DERM
Micro Dissolving Patch. Efficacy demonstrated in 8 published clinical studies.





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