ClaraDerma+ Head-Band

ClaraDerma+ Head-Band

Keep your hair back while you wash your face with all your favourite skincare! Designed to wick away moisture and perspiration away from your skin while cooling down your body temperature.

The cooling fabric also features UPF sun protection to help prevent sunburn while you’re outdoors. Super lightweight and stretchy polyester/spandex material provide a snug, comfy fit.

Directions For Use

To activate the cooling technology, simply rinse in water, which allows the moisture to evaporate and continue to cool you. The quick-drying headband retains water while remaining dry to the touch. Simply rewet the headband when it begins to dry out.

The headband is washable and reusable for long-lasting use.


One size fits most, measures 63 x 482mm (2-1/2" x 19").




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