Ava's Story: My ClaraDerma+ Journey

My ClaraDerma+ Journey

When I first scheduled an appointment with Claraderma to zap off some annoying hairs, it was not just a few, and they were beyond troublesome. Perhaps the worst body hair of all, it was on my face! Yikes.

So as you can imagine, it was taking over my life. I couldn't even go out or wear makeup, this was causing emotional sorrow and other forms of negativity for me. So it was very important for me to make sure that I was not only choosing a place with the proper equipment, and technicians, but I need to find a place that is inclusive and compassionate towards such a level of vulnerability and humility.

During my consultation, an impressive degree of trust and respect was established between me and my technician! She understood the urgency of the matter and instantly started assisting me with moral support and made it a very lightened mood while discussing how we could go about navigating and tackling my debilitating facial hair! First she assured me that we can take care of it, and that I was not alone, other women too had these struggles and that we can overcome it. Then my first laser hair removal appointment was scheduled with priority since she could definitely see that I was in desperate need. Long story short, I had great success! Woohoo.

This was literally a life restoring, and total quality of life saving treatment.

It's like a miracle, and certainly a second chance at life. Now I can wear makeup every day. I can even go out without any makeup some days if need be and still feel confident. Especially after everything that I have endured in the past before becoming a client at Claraderema in St. Catharines Ontario. I just simply don't have that issue of damned facial hair any more, and with an improved mood, I have an improved attitude and so on. That sets me up for future success in various areas of my life now.

As a bonus, I actually enjoyed going to all of my appointments, and I will always remember having an uplifting session each time. That kind of turns something that started off as a negative helpless feeling situation, into a very positive and invigorating once in a lifetime experience. I'm like a whole new me now.

The procedure we used was a full face diode laser hair removal package, this consisted of 7 sessions. I also required a few more sessions after that with very minimal work on just my lip and chin by the time my prepaid package was all used.

The administrative staff at the front desk were also so phenomenal with how they assisted me through all of this as well! They are always very supportive and helpful to all of their clients.

From the front desk staff, to the nurses bustling back and forth from office to office tending to other clients, To the owners who were called to this business, and to the technician that worked with me during my time of need.


Thank You!
Ava Sinclara

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