Vaginal Rejuvenation: A Gift To Yourself

Vaginal Rejuvenation in Niagara

Sneeze peeing… yeah, peeing when you sneeze (or peeing when you cough, laugh or do jumping jacks) was one thing I wasn’t expecting after the birth of my daughter. And I thought I did everything right; soooo many Kegels and I saw a pelvic floor therapist too. I was young and fit and not ready for a leaky bladder. But, there I was, with a now toddler, squeezing my legs together and praying, every time I sneezed.

Of course, I’m not alone in this, and as a Nurse Practitioner my patients tell me all kinds of stories. Medical aesthetics is a great mix of beauty through sciences coupled with talk therapy. And my beautiful patients love sharing their stories with me as they come in for their other self-care services like Botox, medical facials, skin tightening and filler.

This topic though - urinary incontinence - seemed to be coming up again and again and rightfully so as the prevalence has been noted around 51% of women, and those are only the ones who report issues. And sneeze peeing isn’t the only annoyance I’ve heard about either; uncomfortable or painful sex, dryness and just an overall feeling of ‘meh’ about their vajayjay’s.

These issues don’t just come from childbirth. Hormonal changes, aging, illness, medications and unknown reasons can contribute to vaginal health issues. And the thing that always surprises me about the women I talk to, is that most of them have gone to their primary care provider to talk about these problems, and yet nothing gets done. Even though the impact on quality of life, anxiety, depression and just plain overall annoyance is so high!

You mean to tell me if a man sneezed when he peed or had painful sex, they would be told “it’s just a normal part of childbirth or normal aging”?…Yeah. Right.

But, I digress, lol!

So of course, I jumped at the opportunity to bring new technology into our Niagara Region clinic to target vaginal rejuvenation and the treatment of sneeze peeing, or stress urinary incontinence as it’s medically known.😊

Introducing Forma V®!

Also known as Votiva® or Plus 90® this amazing vaginal rejuvenation wand uses radio frequency and heat to stimulate collagen along the vaginal wall, tightening from the inside out, increasing lubrication, increasing sensitivity and providing support for the pelvic floor muscles reducing stress urinary incontinence. 


I know! 

Does vaginal rejuvenation really work?

But does vaginal rejuvenation actually work?! Hella yes! I can confirm from both personal experience and from the research.

To start with the research, using radiofrequency and heat to stimulate vaginal wall tissue causes increased blood flow and new blood vessel formation called neoangiogenesis. This increased blood supply helps to feed the new collagen that is stimulated (neocollagenesis) and new collagen is soft, supple, and stretchy (neoellastogenesis). Not to mention the increased natural lubrication that is seen, the increased sensitivity felt by all that new and excitable tissue makes sex feel so much better.

And the best part, is that you see and feel results right away but they GET BETTER over time as your body continues to produce collagen, and develop all those sensitivity pathways. Oh and the sneeze peeing! Radiofrequency support of the pelvic floor muscles through tightening also significantly decreased stress urinary incontinence and in many cases, stopping it altogether --  winning!! It’s one of my favourite treatments to perform since it’s so rewarding for patients. Being able to support women to feel empowered over their bodies again in an area that they may have felt hopeless about and discouraged by others in the past is brilliantly rewarding (as you can see from my smiling face in the above photo, mid happy client treatment, lol)

Now for my experience, it was great! But how to explain it… as most women are used to the mini torture that is an annual PAP smears, this was NOTHING like that.

The wand is so thin and well lubricated that it goes in smoothly and the actual treatment is painless. It kind of feels like a hot stone massage from the inside, if that makes any sense at all. It takes only about half an hour and the wand can also be used on the outside of your vagina to help rejuvenate your lady lips. You do have to wait 2 days before having sex again, but for me and my husband the results after only 1 treatment were noticeable. Not only did I have a new found confidence but I was able to feel turned on not only in my mind but also by the tingling and excitement I felt down below. And as for sneeze peeing, I’m happy to report that both my sneezing and jumping jacks are now pee-free!

A full treatment package is 3 sessions, 1 month apart and I am sure, you will not be disappointed!

CLICK HERE to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation treatments at our St. Catharines clinic.


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